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TODO posted by huste [ 2002-04-04 ]

Small collection of things to do. I hope, it won't get too large.

adapt graphics
add transparency
script for thumbnailing
Meta information
Add possibility to describe links in nav.pl closer. Tooltips?
Diary commenced by huste [ 2002-04-04 ]


We decided to restructure our website, so here we go. We changed the old separation of groups to a new concept of themes or sections. I am also working on a new verision of fragazoid.com which will be online before Easter 2003.


I had to fix some ugly bugs in the menu.pl script. Furthermore I fixed som minor bugs in the location.pl and nav.pl scripts to work with the gameserver section as well.

Finally, I also created custom error pages for HTTP errors (401, 404, 500).


Problems with damn MSIE: MSIE does not respect position: fixed, thus there are problems with the menu (I knew this already). But resizing the window moved the content below the menu, which is not nice. Workarounds. I hate Workarounds, just because one browser does not keep to the standards from 1999.


I am only now beginning to write about the history of this website. So it is gonna get filled. Today was our relaunch. I adapted this website from a frameset to a plain HTML/CSS site. Unfortunately, the code is not 100% valid, which is due to FrontPage...

But I am willing to try to do a HTML Workshop. One day.

General comments

Telling you anything about the website before this date would mean to lie to you, since I don't have a real changelog or anything else about this site :)

The main target was to implement an easy-to-extend website. I had elaborated a set of templates and a stylesheet to be used. Unfortunately, the (structural) design was not good, I have to admit. Thus, the pages wer full of senseless classes, which was not only FrontPage's fault (although FrontPage did do much more wrong than I did.

The old design (and I am speaking of structural design here) was too generic. I had classes like .colhi instead of using tags like <em> and the like. This didn't favour clean codewriting :(

Hopefully, this design is a bit better (even though MSIE forces me to use ugly workarounds. Let me list only two:

position: fixed
MSIE doesn't respect that in any way, so the menu scrolls. And some adbanners (especially in the Gameserver-section) are causing troubles
this property should specify a maximal width for boxes. MSIE doesn't listen to this and thus creates very broad content, which is not so easy to read (you are likely to lose the lines, when they're too long. I think, this is the only print-media rule that applies to webdesign as well).